Clitoris Only

The film opens with a group of horny women gathering in a dimly lit room. They are all dressed in tight, skimpy clothes and are eagerly waiting for the show to begin. Suddenly a figure appears on stage, dressed in a skin-tight leather suit and holding a large, glowing vibrator. The women cheer and applaud as the vibrator is inserted into the character's crotch. The scene then switches to a close-up of the character's clitoris, which is stimulated by a series of intense vibrations. The women watch in amazement as the figure's clitoris swells and pulsates, becoming more and more intense. Suddenly the figure lets out a loud moan and cum shoots out of her crotch and squirts all over the stage. The women cheer and clap as they watch the characters cum, and then it's time for them to do something. One after the other they are brought onto the stage and their clitoris are stimulated with the vibrator. Some women hesitate at first, but soon moan and come with the same force as the figure. The scene then switches to a group situation where all the women gather in a circle and take turns stimulating each other's clitoris. They laugh and tease each other playfully, but soon the laughter turns into moans and cumming as everyone orgasms. The film ends with the women all lying on the stage, panting and exhausted from their orgasms. They look into the camera and smile, their satisfaction is clear to see. Title: Clitoris-tasting delights

Duration: 32:44

View: 99

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