Punishment Of Slaves

In this classic retro slave film we tell the story of a young girl who is captured and brought into a life of bondage. She is stripped naked and beaten mercilessly by her master, who demands obedience and submission from her. The girl is forced to do all kinds of work, from cleaning and cooking to performing sexual acts for her master and other slaves. She is constantly humiliated and degraded as her master constantly watches her and punishes her for every mistake she makes. But despite the difficulties she faces, the girl never loses her courage. He continues to fight back, using his wits and cunning to outsmart his master and his fellow slaves. Ultimately he manages to escape and gain freedom, but first he takes revenge on his former captors. This classic retro slave film is full of intense action, steamy sex scenes and brutal punishments. The film is a must for fans of BDSM and fetishism. Title: Slave Revenge

Duration: 21:40

View: 54

#Bdsm #Slave

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